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Photography & imagery by Steve Leverett
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Flip through the first few pages of my book. If you’d like to see mre, please contact me. You can purchase the book from Blurb:

La Nostra Napoli

Our Naples

ISBN: 978-1-7397945-2-1

170mm x 155mm, 230 pages,320 colour photographs

This book is being updated and will be published shortly

This book is a sharing of the perceptions, experiences, personal discoveries, and imaginings of two naïve but regular visitors to this wonderful city. This narrative is not a comprehensive ‘tourist guide’, nor a scholarly history—but rather a collection of perspectives, which attempt to explore origins, place, and time. Through these pages, Heather and I want to say ‘thank you’ to Partenope, to i cittadini di Napoli, and to the individual Neapolitans whom we have met (in Naples and whilst travelling—by train, on flights, by ferry, and back home), and who, without exception, have been friendly and helpful.

There are many photographs in this book, nearly all taken during our various visits to Naples: some are more or less aligned with the narrative, whilst others are just there simply to share our visual experiences. So,this is a photographic account, too.

As I write, it is clear to me I know remarkably little of Naples, and the more we explore her history, her geography, and her culture, the more I realize I know less and less of this amazing place; so this narrative is as much for our own benefit as for anyone else’s—indeed, my account of the birth of Naples is conjectural with an undercurrent of belief. So in this spirit, please read on… and thank you in anticipation of you doing so.

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